Kill You

You still bother me

Nothing really matters

Come into my Sight

My Gun is fucking loaded

I Kill you – For a better Tomorrow

In prison you – For a cleaner Life

Beat you – For a brighter Future




Ugly white Trash

Lifestyle Terrorism

Ignorant Dickheads

The only truth is your Truth?

I don’t wanna be like you.

Fat Bastards – Think they’re best

Pray to God – Pray to Guns

Preach Morality and family – And brings War to the World.

Money making, poor mens kicking

Porn producing, Gay hunting

White pride preaching, Children’s Killing

That’s your pretty way of life?

These Cool Redneck Wife beaters

Yuppie Scum – Sales Blood for Money

Arrogant Bastards Knows all better

You think you’re the Crown of Creation

I don’t wanna be like you

I don’t get Americanized!





What a Fucked up World, Everywhere Isolation of Minds

Total Genocide of Races and permanent Destruction of Humanity.

Mother Nature lay down in Ruins

Raped from the Dollar god believers

Elbow Society kicks down the weak

Total termination of Ethic laws.

Bullshit Television

“Stars” without a Brain

Insane News

The World is Burning

Mankind goes to War

Total War

Children Dies

Countrys rinse to Ashes

Kill your Neighbour

Fuck yourself

all that counts is you

Caused by everyone of us, where is the way all out of this?

What can I do to make them stop?

Suicide, is this the only answer? 




Resist the Resistance

Blind from Inside, Red Star Fascists

The only Truth was your Truth? I don’t let you get me Down
I can think for myself, what is right or wrong

If you know everything better, I don’t care about you.

“Tolerance“ and “Freedom of Minds”

these Words aren’t Phrases for me

we are free to think in any Direction

Every Voice (except Fascism) has it’s right to be.

Chaos Minds, to search and never find

feel free to learn every Day

Never be so Arrogant to feel better then all the others

Listen to each other, with respect and try to understand

You Ignorant Assholes make me Sick

I dream of a world without you!




The Hate of Thy beloved

From War to War, From Death to Kill

March on burned Earth, Artillery Fire under polluted Sky.

God is Dead, Your God does not Exist

or her didn’t care, God isn’t there
The Hate of Thy beloved

the promised land’s drowning in Blood

In Battle there’s no Christian Love.

Where is the love your Son preached us?

Where is the Peace you had offered us?

I can’t see his effects in this Goddam filthy World

Only the Hate we had to spill.

High above, in the Sky’s of Nothing

Where is the God that leads us?

High above, in the empty Space

Where are the Angels of Peace?

No Gods- No Masters, Only hordes of Dumps

Last exit Suicide from this lost World of Shit.






We are just – Slaves

I see only – Slaves

Chained and beaten – Slaves

We bite the Hand that feeds

We spit on our Masters

We break all our Chains and tear down all the Borders

We kill all the Priests

Burn down all the Churches

We fuck all Politicians

And shoot down all Heads of States
Slaves to the Grind, Slaves for the Masses


Slaves to the Core

… for the Industry

… for the Family

… of Individuality

…of God

… of all Religions.

Slaves of Culture

… to Science

…of States

… of Corporations

… of Money

… of Time

… of Flesh

… of our Desires.


We are just


I see only


Chained and beaten

But what will all remain?

Slaves where ever Slaves...




Act like me or Die

Bomb the Shit right out of the Middle East
Kill all Men, Women and Children
They are all Terrorists, they are all Extremists

Kill, Burn , Rape - You know, you´re Right
Bomb this World - You know, you´re Right
Fuck our Future - You know, you´re Right

A Cutthroat to all Different Religions
They are all 3rd rate Humans
Bomb away the Differences
Kill everyone who things otherwise

Bomb, Kill, Burn - We are the Good, They are the Bad
What a nice simple World

Bomb the Kids, Bomb the Land
You know what you have to Do
The American Way of Life
Act like me or Die




Diskussion beim Räucherstab

Traumwelt der Revolution
Pseudointellektuelles Gesabbel
Unfähig zur Selbstkritik
Gähnende Leere im Gehirn

Keinen Kopf für klare Worte
Das Hirn vertrocknet der Verstand setzt aus
Hippiegejammer über Gott und die Welt
Du machst mich krank du langweilst mich

Diskussion beim Räucherstab
Philosophie beim roten Wein

Dein bekifftes Gekicher kotzt mich an
Philosophie als Zeitvertreib




How to live

Overrunned by stupidity
Consume terror worldwide
Crush my head until I'm dead
What the fuck I'm living for

Continous expections, never satisfied
Don`t expect too much from life
One way system overdose

Sent to jail, you're non-conform
Fuck this sense of life
Manmade situations
Guilty for this shit you see

Drunk to the point of collapse
Smoking pot and eating pills
Have no qualms for acting this way
Life's too short to worry about





Fuck your 1-year fashion
This ain't your way of life

Du stehst zu deiner Meinung
Scheißt auf das System
Du lässt deinen Worten sogar Taten folgen
Das ist Kampfgeist pur

Du trittst dem Volk kräftig in den Arsch
Scheißt auf das System
Bei all dem Kampfgeist den du zeigst
Gibt's leider ein Problem

Dein Geschrei nützt recht wenig
Es dauert vielleicht ein Jahr
Bis zum nächsten Modetrend




Call the garbage collection

Pull out the knob
Radio terror, noise against nonsense
Burn out the speakers
Throw the whole shit right out of the window

Any day, any minute, any second
Always the same silly talk
The same soft musical terror
Let's kill them, execute them

Totally fed up with that terror
A terror called music
Pull out their vocal chords
Scratch their perfect faces
Blow up their silicon tits

Call the garbage collection to dispose that crap





Boredom and frustration
You're alive but you live like you're dead
Every day, it's always the same
I can't understand that life you live

At work it's you who get the blame
You're a part of a fucked up system
You think it's better to keep your mouth shut?

The best conversation you get is with your TV set
Your only best friend is the voice in the radio
If this is what life is I don't wanna be part of it




Nothing but hate

For me you are nothing
You are really nothing
But I hate you
But I really hate you

I feel nothing
I feel nothing but hate for you
I won't conform to your system
I take away your right to survive

I won't conform to your system
I take away your right to survive
Always on the wrong side of life
I just fucking kill you

I feel nothing
I feel nothing but hate for you
You are nothing
But I hate you
You are really nothing
But I fucking kill you